About Marina

Marina was launched in 2018 as a design and product prototype in Madrid. A brand dedicated to commercializing and export of Ecuadorian handicrafts made from Toquilla Straw, Bamboo and wood. 
What began as a love of  languages, culture and nature, became a dream to offer the world a bit of Ecuadorian culture and commercialize artisan products with the most emblematic materials of this country.
Our collections include: genuine toquilla straw hats, hand-woven bags and other accessories handmade with various materials from Ecuador. 



Our products are all manufactured on the western coast of Ecuador, with an artisanal concept and design aesthetics. We currently work in an environment close to social responsibility; this is why our main objective is to provide creative job opportunities for artisans, highlighting their skill with their hands and ensuring fair remuneration for the development of their communities.

We are very proud to work with artisan women from the Guayas and Manabí provinces, since with them and together with our combined efforts a world-renowned luxury product is created. Thanks to all our brand clients who help the artisan community in the region, providing a stable income and ensuring the survival of Ecuadorian crafts.